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Extension of our range of boom lifts:

Genie Z60 37E Hybride.jpg

Combines the advantages of a diesel engine and a 4WD with a more thrifty and silence of an electric machine. Reaches 20m high and more than 11m sideways.

Extension of our range of boom lifts:

Manitou 160ATJ+_Cut out.jpg

Equipped with a large platform with plenty of storage space for equipment, the machine is really suited to work requiring several operators with heavy loading. This boom lift has a unique lifting capacity of 400 kg, also for his maximum reach. It can carry up 3 operators and up to 160 kg of material.
Working height: 16,25m – Lifting capacity: 400kg – Horizontal range: 10m

Extension of our range of boom lifts:

Manitou 100vjr_Cut out.jpg

Compact articulated aerial work platform reaching up to 10m high and swivelling up to 3m sideward. To work safely and efficiently at heights, on rough grounds but also in small interior spaces.


The Stormtroopers are big fans of the ROB machines as well :-)

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