Rob Verhuur (Gent): 09 369 42 36 - Rob Rent (Brussel): 02 223 43 07 - Rob Location (Namen): 081 22 42 12

How can you order?

​​You can order a machine by phone (09/369 42 36), fax (09/369 42 34) or e-mail. When ordering by phone, we ask to confirm your order by e-mail.

Please always mention when ordering:

  • Your invoicing address with VAT number, phone number, contact person and mobile phone number
  • The requested delivery date
  • A clear delivery address (correct street name and town), with a description of the exact on-site location where the machine should be delivered.
  • All extra details regarding the delivery are welcome (e.g. department or entrance gate, description of on-site location).

On the basis of these data, we will deliver the most suited machine without any costly time being lost.
We always provide you with information on the availability of machines and transport. ​


Which machine do you order?

The type of machine depends on:

  • The application:
    What exactly do you want to do with the machine? Do you use it inside or outside? 
    What is the composition, volume and weight of the load?
  • The subsurface: 
    On what kind of subsurface do you work: hard or soft, even or uneven, sand, mud...?
    Electric machines are only suited for deployment on flat, hard surfaces such as concrete or asphalt. On other grounds, you need a diesel machine. Al our diesel machines have a 4x4 drive.
  • The height and (if applicable) horizontal distance:
    Can you stand immediately next to or directly below the workplace? If so, go for a scissor lift, these are more compact than aerial work platforms. 
    If also a lateral range is required, an aerial work platform is the only option. What exactly is the horizontal distance? We recommend to measure the height and horizontal distance very accurately to avoid ordering a machine that is too small or too big.
    How much free space is there around the workplace?Are there any obstacles that must be crossed?
  • Other access restrictions that we should take into account:
    What is the clear height and width?
    What is the maximum bearing capacity of the surface?
  • Are you working on a private site or on a public road?
    The machines are not allowed on the public road. If this is necessary, you must provide for a license plate and arrange for a parking ban, if needed, and a construction site permit. Also the insurance and the required driving license may have to be adjusted. Also provide for the necessary signalling.
    Always make sufficient enquiries with the public services (local council, police) before working on the public road. 

Termination of the rental

You can only terminate the rent of a machine by fax (09/369 42 34) or e-mail

After having received your cancellation, we will terminate the requested rental period and re-collect the machine as soon as possible.

Do not leave machines on the public road without a license plate.


When cancelling a machine, you should always mention the following information:

  • Your company name and contact person
  • Machine number and type
  • End of period of use