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Also a reliable service partner

ROB Rent attaches great importance to the service and quality that we offer. We warrant a fast and reliable service and take care of everything, also on-site. You will receive inspected machines only, with the necessary instructions upon their delivery. If anything should go wrong, our technical team will come to you.
This way, we are thinking with you and are ready to help you.

Flexible and fast delivery​
Experienced specialists
Quality and efficiency​
Customised delivery​

Rob Service

Technical team

From mechanics to electronics, from hydraulics to electricity, the right specialists are ready for quick and targeted interventions. We ensure the preventative maintenance of all equipment so that it is in a perfect state, ready for delivery.

If anything should go wrong, an experienced and properly equipped team is stand-by per establishment so that the period of inactivity is limited to an absolute minimum.


Also for us, standing still is moving backwards. Therefore, we invest in education and follow-up training of our employees. It keeps us up-to-date and warrants high-quality maintenance and service.
We also have almost all spare parts in stock, which rules out long waiting times. If a specific part is not available, we will order it straight away. If a quick repair of a machine is not possible, we will replace it.

Maintenance and three-monthly inspection
All machines that come back from customers are subjected to periodical maintenance to prevent malfunctions. We continuously invest in new machines to warrant a young fleet. 
Every three months, all machines are inspected by OCB.

Fast and reliable delivery
We deliver your ready-to-use machine exactly where you need it. Our drivers give your employees also clear instructions on how to use your machine. Accordingly, no costly man-hours go lost and work can continue.

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