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First rental: important to know

1. Prepayment

• New customers pay the first order in advance. You can transfer to the account number: ING: BE57 3900 7418 3635 - BIC: BBRUBEBB.

• When paying, you give your company name, the VAT number and the start date of the rental or training as a reference.

• After payment, send a proof of payment to your representative or to our office via

• From a second order, payment can be made by invoice, with a maximum payment term of maximum 30 days.

• The stated prices are exclusive of VAT, fuel, transport and service.


2. Rental contract

• The rental contract will be sent to you 5 to 2 days before the start date of the rental period.

• For a first order for rental of machines, please return the signed rental contract to You hereby agree to the terms and conditions.

This is no longer necessary for subsequent orders.

• For a training, please return the signed offer to before the start date of the training.


3. Insurance

• The client is obliged to insure the rented equipment, including against machine breakage, fire, damage and theft.

• This can be done with your own insurance or with insurance through us. A surplus of 10% of the net rent is charged for this. This is stated separately on the invoice and you will receive an insurance contract that you will sign and return.


4. Important to know:

  • Renting per week is charged on the basis of 5 working days, renting per month is charged for 20 working days. The rent per day covers 8 operating hours. The machines are switched on from Monday to Friday from 5am to 7pm. We switch off the machines at night and during the weekend and holidays.
     If you will use our machines during the evening or the weekend, this must be mentioned in writing.
  • You can only end the rent in writing via e-mail. After receiving the termination, we will end the rental period and the machine will be collected as soon as possible. Do not leave the machine on public roads without a number plate.
  • The prices quoted are exclusive of VAT, fuel, transport and service.
  • The stated transport applies per trip (delivery or collection) and is exclusive of kilometer charge or diesel surcharge.
  • You must request cancellation of the rental at the latest 24 hours before the delivery date and during a working day.
  • The client is obliged to take an insurance that covers the rented material, against all risks (theft, vandalism, damage, fire, severe weather conditions...).
  • The yard is accessible for delivery and collection. A possible permit or parking ban must be foreseen by the customer.
  • The machine must be available during the rental period in function of inspection or maintenance.
  • It is not allowed to place our machines on the public road, unless the client obtained the necessary permit or the machine has been equipped with a license plate applied for by the client. We can provide this at the request of the client.
    The insurance and driver's license may also need to be adjusted. For machines on public roads that weigh more than 3.5 tons, a C driving license is required.
  • Machines may be moved by the client to another location only with the prior written consent of Rob Rent.
  • We deliver our machines with at least 1/3rd of the fuel tank filled or with a charged battery. When returning the machine, the consumer refills the fuel tank or fully recharges the battery.
  • The machine must be protected during paintworks or when using products that could make the machine dirty. Once the works have been completed, the platform or other attachment(s) must be cleared and cleaned. A cleaning fee and an environmental tax will be charged if the machine is dirty or returns full of dirt.
  • All machines are delivered with a user manual. All machines must be used according to these instructions.
  • The machine must be operated by someone who has a certificate of competence and / or complies with all other legal requirements.
  • If the rented machine is damaged/out of order prior to its use, please report this on phone number 09/369 42 36 or through your contact person. If the customer inflicts damage to the rented machine or uses it incorrectly, he will himself by responsible for paying the costs of the repair or damage.
  • It is prohibited to use our machines when working in the vicinity of harmful products with health risks classification R45 / R49 (eg removal of asbestos). The machine may also not be used in an environment with high temperatures or high humidity. Sandblasting with our machines is prohibited.
  • For rough-terrain machines, you must clean the tracks after use.