Rob Verhuur (Gent): 09 369 42 36 - Rob Rent (Brussel): 02 223 43 07 - Rob Location (Namen): 081 22 42 12

General rental conditions

We hereby list the most practical provisions. The complete list with conditions will be handed over when applying for your contract.

  • Renting is charged on the basis of 5 working days per week. If you will also use machines during the weekend, this must be mentioned. These extra days will be invoiced. 
  • The rent per day covers 8 operating hours. Extra working hours are charged per hour (day price divided by eight).
  • It is not allowed to place our machines on the public road, unless the lessee obtained the necessary permit or the machine has been equipped with a license plate applied for by the lessee. Machines may but be moved by the lessee to another location with the prior written consent of the lessor.
  • We deliver our machines with at least 1/3rd of the fuel tank filled. When returning the machine, the renter refill the fuel tank. If not, the fuel is invoiced at the prevailing market price.
  • The machine must be protected during paintworks or when using products that could make the machine dirty.
    Once the works have been completed, the platform or other attachment(s) must be cleared and cleaned.
  • Cleaning costs and an environmental tax will be charged if the machine is returned dirty or covered with earth. 
  • Transportation costs are not included in the rent; these are established and communicated upon the conclusion of the rental agreement, depending on location, period of rent and rented machine.
  • All machines are delivered with a user manual. All machines must be used according to these instructions.
  • If the rented machine is damaged/out of order  prior to its use, please report this on phone number 09/369 42 36 or through your contact person. If the customer inflicts damage to the rented machine or uses it incorrectly, he will himself by responsible for paying the costs of the repair or damage.

  • The tenant is obliged to take an insurance that covers the rented material.
    The continuity of your business is also in our best interest. You can insure the rented machines with us against all risks (theft, vandalism, damage, fire, severe weather conditions...) at 10% of the net rental rate. This way, you can go up carefree. When hiring our machines, this insurance is compulsory unless you are insured yourself. If so, we ask to give us a copy of your policy in which the coverage of the above is warranted. 
    If you contract the insurance with us, our machines come with a deductible of €1,500, regardless of the value or age of the rented machine. You can always ask for a copy of our insurance policy. In case of damage, we always have a team of technical professionals on stand-by to ensure a swift solution.